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How important is the role of a teacher in a person's life? How important is education and how should it be taught so that it is interesting? It is essential to implement new technologies in the learning process. And it is essential that we integrate them meaningfully in order to achieve the maximum impact.

America for Bulgaria Foundation is collaborating with the Creative Learning Center to present ten practical seminars on educational technologies in eight cities, in turn reaching more than 1,000 teachers across the country. The "Intelligent Integration of Educational Technologies in Teaching" introduces technology products (mostly software and free applications) that are available in Bulgarian and can be used in classes. The one-day seminars are practically oriented, with an emphasis on interactive teaching methods that engage students. After the seminars, participants will continue to receive information on electronic technologies and trends. In addition, the Center for Creative Training assists with its experience and expertise with the 23"Schools of the Future" funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, to implement the necessary educational technologies and train teachers on its usage.

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