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What do you think about classical music? And about music in the open air? Have you been missing the Fortissimo Fest? Take it easy - this year, it's back!

One of the biggest open-air festivals for classical music "Fortissimo Fest" is back with two concerts - in Sofia on September 10 and in Plovdiv on September 16. Since 2010, there have been five Fortissimo Fests, with 15 concerts and many thousands in the audiences in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Rousse, Bourgas and Veliko Turnovo.

The main driver and inspiration for the Fortissimo Fest is the conductor Maxim Eshkenazy, whose mission is to cultivate the relationship of children, pupils and their parents to classical musical, and to make young people attend more concerts, so classical music reaches every child in Bulgaria. It can be done!

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