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Every citizen should have fair and equal access to justice under the law. This applies to individuals and families as well as businesses.

The court system and legal authorities must fairly and consistently apply the laws, regardless of company size or financial strength, creating an environment where all have an equal opportunity to compete. Rule of law and transparent and accountable public institutions are essential contributors to the development of a healthy private sector and the growth of foreign direct investment.

IMPACT: An environment where all citizens have a fair and equal chance to compete and succeed.

We support initiatives that:

  • Strengthen the judiciary. For the private sector and the general public to trust the legal system, all participants, from police to prosecutors to judges, must be honest and fair. We support programs that help increase professionalism in Bulgaria’s judiciary and within its legal system.
  • Promote good governance. We support programs aimed at countering corruption and increasing accountability and transparency in public life.
  • Apply positive models. We support training and conferences that introduce internationally accepted models of ethical behavior.
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