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Music. Dance. Theater. Photography.


In a thriving democracy, arts are essential. They celebrate the human experience. They invite us to challenge our attitudes and beliefs.

America and Bulgaria share a tradition of embracing the arts and promoting freedom through culture. So ABF works to promote a vibrant Bulgarian cultural life through education, cultural exchange, and art management support.

We support initiatives that:

  • Promote Bulgarian culture.  ABF supports projects that help young and undiscovered, as well as established Bulgarian artists present their work.
  • Bring American art to Bulgaria. ABF underwrites events and series that bring a variety of American art forms to Bulgarian audiences. We also host exhibits and events sponsored by leading American arts organizations.
  • Enhance arts education. ABF helps professional art schools and universities upgrade their facilities and curricula to meet 21st-century standards. We encourage young people’s interest in art through regular school programs, as well as extracurricular and family activities.
  • Provide arts management training and US-Bulgaria professional exchange opportunities. For the arts to thrive, Bulgaria needs a cadre of talented managers who can develop programs and artists in the country. We help by inviting young professionals to get short-term, non-degree, practical arts-management training locally and abroad. We also stimulate professionalism and excellence in the arts by arranging interactions between peer organizations in Bulgaria and the U.S.


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