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Bulgaria needs leaders, companies, and institutions that support entrepreneurship, business, and innovation for a thriving market-based economy.

IMPACT:  Increased growth rates of the Bulgarian economy driven by human capital.

We support initiatives that:

  • Foster the adoption of market-oriented policies to improve the business and innovation environment. We create local capacity to analyze current economic policies and invest in leaders who drive positive change to enhance the business environment.
  • Support the development of robust professional organizations. We inspire professional organizations to become drivers of change in the industries they represent. We help them build capacity and realize the fullness of their potential.
  • Expand opportunities through training. We provide multiple levels of training for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We support programs for new career track development in industries with labor shortages.
  • Increase opportunities for university–private sector collaboration. We link business and science to create opportunities for progressive researchers to become innovators and launch new businesses.
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