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Rule of law. Independent media. Transparent and accountable public institutions.


These are essential ingredients for a free and fair society and for the development of the private sector as the backbone of a competitive economy that creates value and opens horizons for growth to every Bulgarian citizen.

We embrace the values of democracy and work with a wide range of civil society organizations who share these values. We support state, municipal and judicial institutions that share our vision for Bulgaria, and have the ability to change things for the better. We also support mutually beneficial contacts between professionals from the United States and Bulgaria.

We support initiatives that:

  • Strengthen the judiciary. For the public to trust the legal system, all the participants, from police to prosecutors to judges must be honest and fair. We support programs that help increase professionalism in the judiciary and legal system and upgrade legal education in Bulgaria.
  • Promote good governance. We support programs aimed at countering corruption and increasing accountability and transparency in public life.
  • Boost independent journalism. The programs we fund support investigative reporting, provide short-term training opportunities for journalists, and promote the highest professional and ethical journalistic standards.
  • Encourage civic engagement and philanthropy. We support initiatives that promote philanthropy and inspire volunteerism, enhance the organizational capacity of nonprofits, unleash the hidden potential of local communities, and foster civic participation in public life.
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