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Building a vibrant private sector and a just, durable democracy depends on extending the benefits of quality education to all and enabling students of all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds to experience and value diversity and inclusiveness in their pursuit of learning.

Society cannot fully prosper until all citizens are included in the economy. The path out of poverty and toward inclusion begins when the next generation can access quality education. Through the Trust for Social Achievement, ABF funds programs to increase self-sufficiency and improve the lives of Bulgaria’s disadvantaged, with a focus on the Roma community.

ABF supports Bulgaria in developing its human capital by improving the quality of education, raising the prestige of the teaching profession, and nurturing education as a core value.

IMPACT:  Human capital possesses the ability and skills to contribute to Bulgaria’s private sector.

We support initiatives that:

  • Encourage good teaching. ABF provides opportunities through its Education Leadership Academy for professional development of educators, including teachers and principals, to help develop their full potential as leaders in the classroom. We work with teachers’ colleges to provide access to US expertise and establish networks of educators who drive educational change in Bulgaria.
  • Prepare students and workers for jobs. We help students acquire the skills that will contribute to the value-added, knowledge-based sectors of the global economy. We foster their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers by strengthening their critical and logical thinking skills, digital literacy, English language proficiency, and problem-solving and coding skills.
  • Enhance public policy. We create local capacity to analyze education policies and help the education sector make data-driven decisions. We support forums, conferences, and publications aimed at cultivating policy expertise and an informed public. We provide access to global thought leaders and cutting-edge practices in education.
  • Encourage early childhood education. Participation in kindergarten has been shown to make the greatest difference in an individual’s future educational achievement and economic productivity.
  • Increase family economic success. Initiatives help low-income families obtain the skills and job opportunities that lead to economic independence and success. They support targeted micro-credit and entrepreneurship programs and promote legalization of long-standing communities and home ownership.
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