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Early childhood development.  Education and training. Family economic success.


ABF understands that society as a whole cannot fully prosper until the most disadvantaged citizens are included in the economy. We work to increase self-sufficiency and improve the lives of Bulgaria’s poor, with a focus on the Roma community.  Roma comprise an estimated 10% of the population and make up a significant portion of the poor. To achieve better outcomes for Bulgaria’s most impoverished citizens, ABF created a separate organization, the Trust for Social Achievement.

The Trust for Social Achievement (TSA) supports initiatives for:

  • Early childhood development.  Programs have an emphasis on healthy parenting and increasing participation in preschool.  Investments in the first six years of a child’s development have been shown to make the greatest difference in that child’s future educational achievement and economic productivity. 
  • Educational achievement. Initiatives are aimed at drop-out prevention for at-risk pupils, with a focus on improving school attendance and academic performance and increasing graduation from high school. 
  • Family economic success.  Initiatives help low-income families obtain the skills and job opportunities that lead to economic independence and success. They provide skill training, and link people with job opportunities; support targeted micro-credit and entrepreneurship programs; and promote legalization of long-standing communities and home ownership.

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