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Quality of education. Prestige of the teaching profession. Bulgaria’s human capital.


The most important thing a society can do is prepare its children for the future. ABF supports Bulgaria in developing its human capital that will guarantee its successful future as a modern and prosperous nation.

We are committed to improving the quality of education in Bulgaria, raising the prestige of the Teaching Profession, and nurturing education as a core value. Further, we seek to develop the capacity of young Bulgarians to successfully prepare them for their future.

We support initiatives that:

  • Encourage good teaching. ABF provides opportunities for professional development to educators, including teachers and principals, to help develop their full potential as leaders in and out of the classroom. We work with teachers’ colleges to provide access to U.S. expertise, and establish networks of educators who drive educational change in Bulgaria.
  • Prepare students for the jobs of the future. We help students acquire the skills that will help them contribute to the value-added, knowledge-based sectors of the globalized economy. We foster their interest in the jobs of the future — especially science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers — by strengthening their critical and logical thinking skills, digital literacy, English language proficiency, and problem-solving and coding skills.
  • Enhance public policy. We create local capacity to analyze education policies and help the education sector make data-driven decisions. We support forums, conferences, and publications aimed at cultivating policy expertise and an informed public. We provide access to global thought leaders and cutting-edge practices in education.
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