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Competitiveness. Professionalism. Entrepreneurship.


For too long, Bulgaria’s economic growth has been hampered by various factors. To succeed in the 21st century, Bulgaria needs institutions and attitudes that support the many benefits of entrepreneurship and a market-based economy.

We support initiatives that:

  • Bolster for-profit and nonprofit entrepreneurship and private initiatives. ABF fosters a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem to help develop the full potential of Bulgaria’s small and medium enterprises. We work to transform business people’s mindset and seed a can-do attitude in Bulgarian entrepreneurs. However, we do not support individual business plans and initiatives. 
  • Increase the efficiency and international competitiveness of Bulgarian businesses. We promote models and practices that have proven successful in America and elsewhere. We work to advance the transfer of new knowledge and technologies that can help Bulgarian businesses get ready for tomorrow’s challenges. We provide access to U.S. expertise and help establish contacts with leading American counterparts.
  • Improve the business environment and foster the adoption of market-oriented policies. We create local capacity to analyze current economic policies and create an enabling business environment. We invest in leaders who drive positive change in business development and who work to change the mindset of business people, government leaders, and consumers.
  • Support the development of robust professional organizations. We inspire professional organizations to become drivers of change in the industries they represent. We help them build capacity and realize the fullness of their potential.


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