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Videlina Elementary School in Seydol is a small school hosting 65 students from several minority communities in the Razgrad area. Videlina has developed a new model for educating this diverse body of students. The school has a zoo with 60+ animal species, an ethnographic complex, and a traditional crafts workshop in a building donated by the village community 40 years ago. Driven by the principal’s vision, the school team applied and received funding from ABF for a natural sciences center. Housed in an existing building in the school yard, the center has two classrooms and a lab space with technical and lab equipment, where students receive knowledge and the practical skills needed to succeed in the jobs of the future. ABF will support the construction of an adequate pedestrian access to the STEM center from the courtyard, making the science facility wheelchair accessible and generally accessible for learning purposes. Most of the labor costs will be provided in kind by the village community.
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