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How Are 20 Charities And Rousse Citizens Making A Difference?

Secular education for girls in Rousse goes back to 1864, when an independent school was started in a dedicated building. By 1877, the school had undergone a number of structural changes, but teachers strictly adhered to a set of principles: classes should be taught in Bulgarian, secular subjects with more practical training for girls should be studied, and students should learn from each other.​

Over 20 private charity funds / foundations were set up thanks to the support of the citizens of Rousse for the educational work and the talented girls, whose lives were very difficult. These organizations are run by the Teachers' Council (one by the Ministry of Education), strictly in line with the donators' will and the adopted statutes and regulations. Every year, the Teachers' Council drafts a report on the state of the funds and the activities that have been carried out. In order to increase the amount of a grant / scholarship, funds from several foundations can be pooled without this entailing any violations of regulations.

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