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Marching Stars of Zlatitsa - How did a school band from Zlatitsa make it to the national finals of Bulgaria's Got Talent?

I was in 5th grade, 12-years old, when they asked us to attend a presentation about bands. I had no idea what this was all about but you know how kids are – they would do anything to miss a class in school.  The presentation turned out to be quite intriguing.  Todor Tsachev presented the concept of an American marching band.  His inspiration to start such a band in our school in Zlatitsa was contagious.  I went to the audition.  When he asked me what instrument I chose, I did not hesitate at all: “Drums!”  I found out later that drums were the first choice of almost everyone at the audition.  And that was only natural.   After all, none of us had ever heard of the baritone, a brass instrument resembling a tube, for example. 

Throughout my school years, I had tried all sorts of extracurricular activities. I attended whatever came to mind. So, when my mom found out I joined the band, she sighed resignedly: “Oh, just the next temporary zeal!” Six months later, at our first concert, when the audience stood on their feet applauding, she hugged me and said: “I am the happiest and the proudest mom in the world!”

It has been five years since I started playing the baritone with the Marching Stars Band.  I’ve met so many people – world musicians, politicians, mayors, diplomats, stars.  I participated in the opening of Muzeiko – the first children’s museum in Eastern Europe. At the Atia Military Base, we performed in front of the whole division and they gave us a tour of a real ship.  When we participated in “Bulgaria’s Got Talent”, I noticed something interesting: I was not scared or uneasy.  I knew that every single moment I was surrounded by 40 friends from the band, and I felt the support of each one of them all the time.  I travelled a lot, made countless friends and accumulated so much emotions and great vibe – this will stay with me for a lifetime. 

I will not be studying music professionally. I want to become a doctor.  Everyone tells me it is a tough profession, that is not for everyone, but the band taught me that with hard work, persistence and discipline, one can achieve anything.  Of course, music will always have a special place in my heart and I will continue playing for fun.

Nia Gancheva, 17 years old, Zlatitsa.

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