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Eight bilateral business associations, joined to sign a position statement on the rule of law and judicial reform in Bulgaria and sent the position to Bulgaria’s institutions on June 28, 2017. The position, also announced, at a press conference today, was signed by Advantage Austria, American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, British Bulgarian Business Association, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, Canadian-Bulgarian Business Network, Confindustria Bulgaria, French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Norwegian Bulgarian Business Group.

“We know that it is in the best public interest and, in particular, fundamental to the proper functioning of the economy, that Bulgaria has a true separation of powers with, inter alia, independent, impartial, and efficient judiciary and prosecution that work first and foremost for the benefit of society. The alternative is an institutional system ruled not by law, but by the seemingly arbitrary acts of individuals in power.

We firmly believe that the lack of an impartial and efficient judiciary and prosecution is unquestionably one of the single most significant impediments to economic growth in Bulgaria, to attracting foreign investors and to establishing a level playing field for all economic actors, whether foreign investors or Bulgarian entrepreneurs – current or potential,” wrote the eight business associations to Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice with copies to the President, Prosecutor General, Chairman of the Supreme Cassation Court, Chairperson of the National Assembly, Chairperson of the Legal Committee in the National Assembly and the Head of the European Commission Representation in Bulgaria.

You can download the position.

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