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A Composition for Heavy Vocals and Bagpipe?

Violeta NedevaNo one has composed that theme yet, but maybe this is because the next musical prodigy is still in training. They might even be taking classes at RockSchool, Bulgaria’s first rock school uniting and supporting musicians and music lovers.

Through its wide selection of on-site and online classes, RockSchool will help you polish your talent, start your own band, and embark on a journey of musical experimentation at the school’s rehearsal rooms in Varna and Sofia. The school also offers workshops and discussions on a variety of music-related subjects. In addition to providing music education, RockSchool helps support young musicians by investing the proceeds from classes back into its community.

You like what they do? You can support their work by taking music lessons or by making a donation. Violeta Nedeva, program director for Private Sector Development at the America for Bulgaria Foundation, signed up for a percussion class.

So, who knows, maybe one day, with your support, a RockSchool graduate will record that norm-busting song at the school’s recording studio in Sofia!

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