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A New Kind of Gift for a New Kind of Leader

Natalia MitevaSpace education over the phone?

Soon everyone in Bulgaria who wishes to explore the Cosmos will be able to do so from their smartphone. This will be possible thanks to the Space Challenges app, developed by satellite maker EnduroSat with support from the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The app will give users access to the largest free online platform for space education—Spaceport. Subscribers will be able to explore the surface of Mars and the Moon, learn how the human body changes in space, and find out how many sunsets astronauts see in a day.

Technology directors from ABF partner schools will be the first to receive access to the Space Challenges app—a gift from Natalia Miteva, education program director at ABF, for the new generation of school leaders in Bulgaria.

Technology directors’ task is not only to equip their schools with modern technologies, but also to help teachers integrate technology into their work and, through technological means, expand students’ horizons and help them reach for the stars—literally so with the Space Challenges app.
The app will soon be available in the App Store.

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