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Bulgarian Nonprofits Launch Bulgaria Gives Platform

Colorado Gives over the yearsColoradoGives was launched in 2007 to help Colorado-based nonprofits attract supporters and donations. In its first year, the platform collected just under $683,000. A decade later, in 2017, charitable giving through the platform reached 49.1 million dollars, a 72-fold increase. Colorado Gives Day alone brought in 36.5 million dollars.

This astounding achievement was not the result of a few large donations by corporations or wealthy citizens. Тhe contributions of hundreds of thousands of Colorado residents power the work of more than 2,400 nonprofits and ensure the platform’s continued success. Around 85% of contributions are under $250, with $100 being the most common donation, proving that social change is generated through community effort.   

Inspired by Coloradans’ example, a group of Bulgaria-based nonprofits started BulgariaGives ( in November 2018 to promote Bulgarian nonprofits’ work and to help them fundraise more effectively. The initiative also aims to encourage philanthropy in a country with low individual participation in charitable giving. (According to an estimate by the Bulgarian Donors Forum, only 8.7% of charitable gifts were made by individuals in 2017, with the majority of philanthropic activity in the country carried out by corporations and foundations.)  

Bulgaria GivesBy vetting participating nonprofits and espousing transparency and accountability as requirements to inclusion in the platform, BulgariaGives aims to overcome a common barrier to giving in Bulgaria: a lack of trust. will also serve as a virtual catalog of nonprofits and initiatives that are worth supporting.  

NGOs, community centers, school boards, and intergovernmental organizations such as UNICEF are eligible for inclusion in the platform. The first nationwide fundraising drive by BulgariaGives will take place between March 22 and 31, 2019. Nonprofits that receive support through the platform will be required to submit detailed financial reports of their activities.

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