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62 Science And Math Olympiad Medals So Far... Next Stop Thailand!

15 gold, 19 silver and 28 bronze medals - these are the results of the Olympiad science season so far! We decided that these brilliant results should be celebrated with a #Party -- at Muzeiko, of course!

Competitors in the expanded Bulgarian Olympic Science Teams, their leaders, and parents gathered at the Children's Science Center "Muzeiko" on September 13 to celebrate the season’s outstanding achievements at the invitation of America for Bulgaria Foundation. But it's not over yet! We wish our young scientists great success at the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad, which will be held in Thailand in November.

America for Bulgaria Foundation has funded since 2010 the training and participation of Bulgarian Olympic teams in Informatics, Mathematical Linguistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy and the Team of Young Physicists in international olympiads and competitions. By 2020, the Foundation will have invested nearly BGN 4 million in the year-round preparation of the Bulgarian Olympic science teams and equipment for practical training laboratories.

The Olympic science teams are comprised of students in the 8th to 12th grades. As is clear from their stunning results, they represent Bulgaria proudly.

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