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The Muzeiko Guide to Raising a Great Inventor

ABF kidsDid you know that Popsicles were invented not by a bottom line–focused corporation but by a thirsty kid? In 1905, temperatures in San Francisco fell below freezing, so it was no wonder that when Frank Epperson checked back on the lemonade powder and water he had mixed and forgotten on the family porch the night before, he found it had frozen stiff, with the stirring stick inside. This was the world’s first Popsicle.

There have been many child inventors in history, and you can learn all about them from The Inventions, children science center Muzeiko’s traveling exhibit. Young explorers will learn when the telephone was invented, what vehicles are human powered, and how discoveries are made (yes, sometimes by accident!). The Inventions will be at Muzeiko until the end of the year, when it will go on the road again. So get your Muzeiko Seasonal Card for winter 2018/2019 now, and go discover the discoverers. In addition to The Inventions, children and their parents will be able to explore more than 130 interactive science exhibits and games and partake in fun activities.

ABF team members’ kids got their Muzeiko cards. Did yours?

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