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Bulgaria for America Bulgaria for America Bulgaria for America

"What do I, as an American, have to offer to the Bulgarian theater community?" This question has consumed me during my time in Sofia working on "Avenue Q". To this question, there are many answers but one comes dominantly to the foreground. During the rehearsals and the workshops I have been inspired by the community of theater artists working on the show and the social bonds that they have between them. I will forever remember my time in Sofia and treasure what the Bulgarian Theater community has to taught to this American.

From Lyulin to Trinidad and Tobago From Lyulin to Trinidad and Tobago From Lyulin to Trinidad and Tobago

The artificial intellect is my passion. I often joke this is because I don’t have a natural one. They were at a dead end at the Hiroshima University in their research on aorta dissection – a disease which causes blood to flow between the layers of the wall of the aorta, forcing the layers apart. I eliminated the human factor and programed an algorithm which allowed them to identify the protein influencing the process. This was one of my three projects developed during the summer research school of the Students Institute in Mathematics and Informatics, supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation. 

Maya the Bee from Targovishte Maya the Bee from Targovishte Maya the Bee from Targovishte

I first participated in the Spelling Bee contest in 6th grade. Spelling Bee introduced me to many friends and I am still in touch with most of them.  My horizons expanded and my vocabulary and spelling improved significantly. You can hardly challenge me with spelling now – I am very good!

Together On Board Together On Board Together On Board

It was during the sailing regatta that we traditionally organize to commemorate our National Holiday.  Our group of sailors and divers gathered and a discussion started that there is no one to train the next generation of sea people.  We figured it would be great if we joined our efforts to preserve the sea traditions and good practices, so we decided to found a club.  That is how our Friends of the Sea Club was founded.  We clean beaches, train divers, go to underwater archeology expeditions, organize underwater swimming contests, sailing regattas, first aid workshops and marine schools for children. 

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